Vineyards who have used Netafim Vineline clips know that it prevents the dripline from sagging and eliminates the water from running down the dripline.  BUT not many know they can buy their dripline with the clips pre-installed!   

Netafim Vineline is a Dripline Product that comes complete with trellis wire clips installed. This clever product eliminates the need to install clips as you install the dripline. With the trellis clips being pre-installed it saves a heap of time on installation and saves your fingers. The clips are generally installed next to a drip and can be moved to site on the downhill side of the drip to prevent the water from running along the pipe.

Vineline can be purchased in 16mm and 20mm tube.

If you’d like to find out more, or enquire about how to purchase this amazing new product, you can give Century Rain a call 9735 9077 or drop into our Lilydale super-store.  We can even run through the installation process.