Century Rain has one of Melbourne’s biggest range of domestic and commercial pumps and accessories. Our Pump Store in Lilydale is fully stocked with all the fittings, pipes and the components required to fit a pump to a variety of applications. Our Team has the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best pump for your individual needs.

Pumps can last a very long time. We have old pumps being brought in for servicing that are 25 to 30 years old. A Pump will also do a lot of work over its lifetime. For these reasons “Pump Selection” is extremely important. When looking for a low price pump, people will often buy a Jet pump. Whist Jet pumps great suction qualities they tend to be less efficient. The result is that over the lifetime of the pump, you can be paying up to 25% more on your power bills, when compared to the alternative – which is usually a centrifugal pump. Its important to get sound advice on your pumping requirements when purchasing a pump because you’re normally stuck with your decision for quite a long time. Because our power bills are continually increasing, choosing the most efficient pump for your application is crucial. 

Variable Speed Pumps are very efficient when it comes to power usage. Whilst more expensive to purchase, they can be a lot cheaper in the long run, as they use approximately 30%-40% less power than a conventional on/off pump. A little-known fact is that world-wide “pumps use more electricity than any other electrical appliance”. So it make choosing the most energy efficient pump for your particular needs even more important.

For help and advice on selecting the correct pump to do the job, give us a call at Century Rain.

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