IQ3 Cloud is Rain Bird’s previous generation of Cloud-enabled central control for irrigation controllers. As of February 1, 2023, IQ3 Cloud will shut down, and information will no longer be accessible to users.

Launched in 2019, IQ4 is the current generation of Rain Bird Central Control, available on any internet connected device. Rain Bird offers a migration tool to aid in the transition of data from IQ3 Cloud to IQ4. Create an IQ4 account and you will have the option to transfer IQ3 data to IQ4.

MAD (Management Allowable Depletion) ET, otherwise known as Advanced ET has been added to IQ4 as of January 12, 2023. Other new features and improvements to IQ4 will continue to be developed and launched to improve the IQ4 experience and expand your water management capabilities.

Transfer IQ3 Cloud to IQ4 Before February 1

It is important that you transfer your IQ3 data to IQ4 as soon as possible. If you do not migrate from IQ3 Cloud to IQ4 before February 1, you may need to contact Rain Bird for data recovery options.

Note: If you are receiving this email, our records show that you are still an active IQ3 Cloud user. If this is not the case, and if there is no controller data in IQ3 Cloud that you wish to retain and migrate to IQ4, then you can disregard this message.

What can I look forward to in IQ4?

Here are some of the features and improvements in IQ4 that you can look forward to enjoying after migrating from IQ3 Cloud:

  • Expanded reporting capability for both custom (one-time) reports and recurring scheduled reports
  • Greater capability for batch editing (performing changes to multiple items at one time)
  • Support for LXIVM and LXME2 Series Controllers
  • Available via a browser on any internet connected device – computer, phone, tablet – no need for a separate mobile app or requirement for a remote desktop!
  • Greater ability to establish users at different access levels so you have control over privileges for users on your account
  • An enhanced Dry Run tool to visualize your system activity
  • More features and improvements are constantly being added to IQ4!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I do not migrate to an IQ4 account before February 1?

A:  Your data will be stored by Rain Bird for a limited period of time. You will need to contact Rain Bird Pro Support to discuss recovery options. Using the migration tool during IQ4 account setup before February 1 will be an easier and more reliable method.

Q: What resources are available to help me with questions about IQ4?

A: Training resources are available on the IQ4 Product Page. Pro Support is available via chat within IQ4 and via 800-396-5166 or

Q: I really love the IQ3 Program Summary screen and MAD/Advanced ET features, will they be available in IQ4?

A: Advanced ET launched in IQ4 on January 12, 2023. Transfers to IQ4 accounts using the migration tool after January 12 will migrate your Advanced ET settings.

The Program Summary Screen is in development for IQ4! Bringing the utility from IQ3 with an improved interface, you can look forward to that feature in IQ4 soon.

Q:  Will all the historical data associated with my IQ3 Cloud account be available in IQ4?

A: During migration, flow log information and one month of event logs are carried over to IQ4, but weather data is not migrated. We are working on solutions to migrate additional event logs and weather data to your new IQ4 account. More details will be available later as we determine the timeline of availability of this additional data.

Q: What if I already have an IQ4 account, but still need to migrate some older controllers?

A: If you, for example, if you have been using IQ4 for an LXIVM, but never migrated older IQ3-managed controllers to IQ4 and therefore still use IQ3 Cloud, then you will need to migrate these IQ3 controllers to a new IQ4 account.

There is not currently a way to merge IQ3 data into a pre-existing IQ4 account (as opposed to migrating during a new account creation). Future tools for account merging are being considered. Contact Rain Bird Pro Support with questions and for suggestions on how best to manage this situation.

Q:  I use IQ3 Desktop/Enterprise, will I be affected?

A: IQ3 Desktop and Enterprise installations will continue to operate as they do now. These instances of IQ3 do not depend on cloud server connections to operate. Note: No future updates, fixes, or enhancements are planned for these platforms.

Q: I need a Desktop or Enterprise IQ solution on an upcoming project. What are my options?

A: Current plans are for IQ3 Desktop and Enterprise to continue to be available likely through the end of 2023. IQ4 Desktop and Enterprise solutions are being developed, with a planned release prior to discontinuation of availability for new IQ3 Desktop and Enterprise systems.

Q: I use Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Fiber-Optic as my method of communication to my controller. What other steps do I need to follow to get connected to IQ4?

A: Be sure to check out IQ4 – EN Cartridge Setup for details on this process, specifically pages 4-7. You may need to update your whitelisted sites or IP addresses.