Winter is almost here. Now is the perfect time to check pits, submersible pumps and pipes before things get really wet. Because they are largely out of sight, water harvesting and water collection systems are easily forgotten. However immediately following Autumn when fallen leaves can really clog the system, is the best time to do a service on any water collection system. Submersible pumps are generally situated in a below ground pit, pumping water from a low collection point to a rainwater tank or storage facility at a more suited location. These pumps are great, but do require maintenance to keep them working throughout the year. Here are some pointers that will help you keep your water harvesting system in good nick heading into Winter.

  • The biggest job is keeping Gutters, below ground pits and tank inlet strainers clean from leaves and debris. In Autumn a lot of trees shed their leaves and clog up water harvesting systems in no time. Generally if leaves and debris are cleaned on a regular basis it is a pretty easy job to keep on top of.
  • If a pit gets blocked, chances are that the submersible pump will be blocked as well. If a submersible pump doesn’t have water flowing through it (to assist in cooling) it will overheat and in most cases damage the pump beyond repair.
  • It’s also important to check “on / off” floats making sure that they are free from debris and obstacles and are correctly adjusted.
  • If you keep your water harvesting system clean, the water quality will be greatly enhanced.

IMPORTANT: Before working in pits fitted with a submersible pump make sure the power supply is off and the 240v plug removed. This will make the pit safe to work on

If you’re unsure, you can give the Team at Century Rain a call to discuss the service or repair of your water collection system.