The warm weather has crept up on us all. Local Council Parks, Gardens and Sports field Managers know that the busiest time of the year is just around the corner!   So what do you do with those gardens and sports fields that need irrigation and drainage upgrades, but you have that nagging feeling it’s too late.  Well the good news is that it’s not necessarily too late.   

At Century Rain we’re well experienced at fast tracking projects without sacrificing quality. We’ve put together a list of Eight Smart Methods we could use to have your surface ready for the public before Summer properly kicks in.

  1. A Professional Survey Set Out can be completed in a couple of hours. When it’s done by a professional it’s generally more accurate and has more detail which speeds up the whole process.
  2. Utilising Mole Ploughing.  If ground conditions suit, this is the perfect way of installing a new irrigation system, with trenches being wheel rolled and ready for play straight away.
  3. Getting Advance Works Done.  If possible, carrying out preliminary works (such as water tapping and sorting out the power supply for pumps) prior to starting ground works helps speed things up.
  4. Utilising Boring.  This is the holey grail of irrigation installations.  If mainlines and cables have to go through a park land area, boring will leave no trace, no trip hazards or dirty trenches.  Ready to be used by the public with no real signs of any ground disruption.  Century Rain uses boring to not only protect precious trees and plants, but also to get the parkland usable in the shortest possible period of time.
  5. Choosing a Decoder System.   Particularly on a larger irrigation system, conventional multi-wire systems take much longer to install than decoder systems, which use a single cable.   With the added benefit that future extension of the system is very simple.
  6. Sod Cutting.  This may not sound like an appealing option, but when time is of the essence, hand digging the sods out for sprinkler installations is a great option.   This means they can be replaced as soon as the sprinkler is installed and there are no large dirt patches left behind.
  7. Use Pre-fab. Valve Assemblies.  A great way to speed things up, pre-fabricated solenoid valve assemblies can save lots of time.
  8. Use Poly-pipe.  Eliminate the need to join the pipe every 6m as is required with PVC pipe by using poly.