These days most Sports Grounds have a drought tolerant grass, generally Couch Grass, to stand up to Victoria’s long, hot summers. Drought tolerant grasses require less water through summer periods and can stand up to the extreme hot and dry conditions.   

However the toughest wear and tear on most grounds tends to take place during the colder months (think AFL and Soccer), unfortunately right at the time when most drought tolerant grasses slow down their growth.

It’s for this reason that just prior to the colder months, most Oval Managers choose to top dress the field with sand and over sow Rye Grass into the field.  This is so that once winter sets in, the sportsgrounds are ready for the rigors of the various football codes.   

Unfortunately this top dressing and oversewing each year can negatively impact the irrigation system.

After Winter, Managers generally spray out the Rye Grass to enable the Couch Grass to flourish again. Some Managers hold off on irrigation and allow the Rye Grass to die off naturally as well. This is a less popular option because there is a period of a month or two where the sports field look patchy and this can bring in complaints from the public.  Hopefully not this year though, as most of us are just grateful to be out enjoying our parks and sports-fields!  

To make sure everything’s okay, prior to the irrigation season, we highly recommend the following process takes place:

  • Cut the couch grass from around the pop up sprinkler
  • Raise and straighten each sprinkler head as required
  • Check operating pressure of the sprinkler (check on Performance) and make sure all the nozzles match
  • Make necessary adjustments
  • Check for leaking seals around the sprinkler head (remove and clean and or replace if damaged)
  • Check for leaks under the sprinkler head (the articulated riser may have taken a hit while topdressing)
  • Check solenoid valves operation and for any leaks
  • Check the wiring system of each zone with an ohm meter

If you’ve got any questions about your irrigation system, or would like a ‘health check’ of your ground, the Century Rain Team are ready to help on 9735 9077.

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