All commercial rural properties need water.  But they also need storage for that water and then to move the water to and from storage locations. In the past, Solar powered pumps were just too expensive, but with improved solar panel efficiency,  and the increase cost of power and fuel, the case for installing a solar powered pump system on your property has never been stronger!

Current Options:

Traditionally water is transferred from a river to storage (dam or tank) by pumps driven by electricity or fossil fuels.

The cost of installing a power supply at remote river locations has always been high, and continues to grow.  However, the biggest cost is actually the ever-climbing electricity supply costs – can you believe that prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years).

Where diesel or fuel powered transfer pumps have been chosen because of their suitability to remote locations and prohibitive electricity costs, they have their own downsides in constant refuelling and accessibility.  Diesel pump sets can be expensive to purchase and both options have potential risk of fuel or diesel leaking or getting spilt into water ways.

Latest Solar Transfer Systems:

Performance: With the increased efficiency of Solar panels, solar powered pumps with adequate flow and pressure (essential to transfer water up hills to tanks and dams!) are now viable alternatives in the performance they offer compared to traditionally powered pumps. Relatively affordable solar powered pump systems are able to pump up to 250m head!

Cost: With fewer solar panels being required and with the cost of the panels continually fall, the initial capital cost of a solar system is getting more competitive. When compared to a conventional diesel-powered pump, the typical payback time from the initial purchase of a solar pumping system is approximately 18 months. From then on,  you’ll have lower servicing costs, operating costs and no fuel or electricity bills – so the benefits keep growing.

Simplicity: Solar pumps for water transfer systems are simple to install and almost maintenance free. Via a level switch in your tank or dam, the system will run whenever it has enough UV capacity to drive the pump and will simply switch off at the level you set. More complex battery and control systems for power storage just aren’t required for straight water transfer systems.

With improvements in technology, solar costs declining and traditional power costs heading in the opposite direction the case for installing a solar powered water transfer system in Australia has never been stronger.